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  • Latex haze of latex gloves is not dispersed Promotional model can be innovative
    Time:2018/5/25 15:19:43  Browse:

     In the face of new consumer markets, for latex gloves companies, latex glove companies need new strategies. As long as we actively promote our products and brands, the real off-season does not exist. Only by formulating accurate strategic goals can a latex glove company truly open up new markets, and the door to the latex glove market will remain open for latex glove companies.

     Latex glove industry is still not out of season

     Looking at this year's latex glove market, Golden Week promotions are not satisfactory. However, for the latex glove business, this dull result seems to have been expected. A relevant person in charge of latex gloves stores said that the overall national market this year was relatively flat and there was no hot scene in previous years. He said, “This situation actually began to show up from the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the sales during the Mid-Autumn Festival fell compared with last year. After the Spring Festival this year, the latex glove market has caused a small amount of warming under the influence of various promotional measures. However, since July this year, businesses have begun to disappoint."

     However, according to the market visit, it was found that after the "double 11", the low-cost promotion of latex gloves business did not change the cold and flat market of latex gloves. A person in charge of sales of a brand said that despite a slight increase in the number of customers compared to weekdays, the actual transaction volume was not large, and overall sales were lower than in previous years.

     Latex gloves promotional lack of innovation

     Industry insiders believe that the rise in raw material prices has led to rising prices for latex gloves, and higher and higher prices have discouraged consumers. At the same time, this year's promotional season has been extended, and the promotional prices of major latex gloves business are competing, but there are still many businesses to reflect, can not complete this year's sales tasks. In this regard, some analysts pointed out that frequent promotions or a cause of the weakening of holiday promotions is a major reason. This view has been affirmed by many branded distributors of latex gloves. "There are events in the stores and there are events in the month and month. There are discounts at any time. Therefore, consumers naturally have some immunity to holiday promotions."

     In view of this, this mode of stimulating consumption through price cuts has been weakening year by year. The reason is not only that promotional activities are frequent, and lack of innovation in promotion is also a major factor. Some latex glove companies have not studied consumer shopping psychology. Activities did not achieve the consumer's heart, there is no effect, and no innovative promotional activities eventually evolved into simple imitation and replication. Therefore, when the psychology of consumers changes, latex gloves companies cannot simply transplant and imitate successful models, but should innovate.