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  • The rubber glove industry keeps up with the era of e-commerce and becomes a new development trend
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     When the power of the Internet first emerged, the development of e-commerce had a serious impact on the positions of traditional industries; our familiar arguments were "e-commerce versus traditional industries" or "the advent of e-commerce subversion."

     However, when the Internet made a comeback after a severe winter, it was already a "traditional e-commerce industry," and it was no longer the impact and subversion, but the "integration and mutual assistance" of cooperation. The integration of e-commerce and traditional industries has become an inevitable trend.The rubber gloves industry has seized this opportunity to allow traditional industries to catch e-commerce trains, and will inevitably gain new achievements.

     Yao Longyu, a well-known rubber glove accessory industry expert in the country, has been in the rubber glove industry for many years and is very passionate about the Internet. He is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of the Internet and mobile Internet. He has invested not only in the China Rubber Gloves Accessories Network, but also under his painstaking management, “rubber gloves accessories. "It has become a leading brand in the field of accessories, achieving full coverage of the client, domain name and triple play, providing a new way for the strong development of rubber gloves accessories industry."

     The future development trend of rubber gloves industry

     Provide a platform for new sales models. At the Shanghai Rubber Gloves Fair in March, there emerged a new type of distributors, which focused on one-stop product distribution, national chain operations, unified logistics distribution and after-sales services, and capital. Big stick, is pulling a new rubber gloves trade competition. The author believes that although this is only a beginning, but it also represents a trend, the new model pays more attention to the platform, systems and services. Rubber gloves industry is also more reflected in the e-commerce platform.

     With the rapid development of the Internet market, traditional marketing models such as the rubber glove industry have long been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development in emerging technology fields. Many traditional enterprises have begun to shift their marketing focus to this emerging model of network marketing. Yao Longyu believes that with the improvement of the entry threshold for the rubber gloves industry, the rubber gloves industry has entered a period of transitional development, and the marketing revolution is an important part of the transformation of the rubber gloves industry, because the differentiated e-commerce platform is more developed in the rubber gloves industry. 

     With driving force.In the Internet age, various innovative applications based on the Internet have enabled more and more traditional industry businesses to see the value of their applications in sales channel expansion, precision marketing, brand building, and word-of-mouth communication. Layout of e-commerce positions will surely become the vanguard force for the rubber glove industry to enter online innovation marketing. Through the Internet platform, building a mobile client will effectively expand the marketing channels for the entire industry, reduce the cost of publicity, quickly establish a market reputation, and form a strong Market leadership.