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  • Regional latex gloves want to have two breakthroughs
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     In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the overall latex glove market, latex gloves become larger and stronger and become the common desire of many regional brand companies. Under the pressure of national brands, how do regional brands achieve a steady upgrade and become truly powerful, and more transformations and breakthroughs are needed.

     Regional latex gloves want to have two breakthroughs

     First, the scope of marketing has changed from regional to national. The expansion of marketing areas requires not only changes in logistics and time, but changes in the entire operating system of the company: product development, channel expansion, terminal construction, information management and control, service implementation, dealer training, etc. And so on, companies need to establish a complete and standardized system in order to meet the company's healthy and effective entry into the national market.

     Second, the marketing model has shifted from direct sales to franchising. Strong brands in the region generally have a few or more than a dozen high-quality direct-operated stores. These directly-operated stores often occupy a relatively large proportion of the company's total sales, and regional brands have to adjust their channel structure to enter the country. Franchise stores should be the focus of the company in both quantity and sales. However, the support and management of franchise stores is a shortcoming for most of the strong brands in the region. Coupled with the emergence of industry brands, the pressure of investment is also a strong brand that the region has never experienced.

     We can see that the two seemingly simple changes actually hide more and more demands on the enterprise system. The current regional strong brand wants to complete a gorgeous turn, the most important thing is to solve the following difficulties.

     1, the overall latex gloves team

     The regional brand team configuration is often short and slick, with a radish and a pit, clear responsibilities, and communication. The number of personnel is small, and the management of personnel and the improvement of their capabilities can all be effectively implemented. After entering the country, the company's team configuration will inevitably need to be more complete and more scale, where to find such people? Can such people integrate into the entire company?

     For example, the first problem that regional brands need to solve when they march into the country is the construction of channels. Who will attract business? In the regional brand enterprise structure, there is often no full-time investment promotion team. Even if it does, the division of responsibilities is not so clear. Sales and investment in one, its experience and ability is not enough to ensure good performance in the national investment promotion activities. It seems that the only way is to dig people, find other companies with successful experience, use airborne to solve the problems of the enterprise, but can paratroops understand the enterprise and integrate into the enterprise? Can the company provide him with the same resources as the previous company? In addition, the development of the latex gloves industry is still at an early stage. There is a shortage of professionals in the industry and it is very difficult to find suitable people in the short term. This is the first step the regional brands have to face before they enter the country. Only by establishing a suitable team with room for improvement can we step forward in the true sense to march into the country.

     2, the overall channel of latex gloves

     How to call into the country? In short, establish a channel network in most areas of the country, and there is support for brand marketing coverage. After establishing a self-regulatory team, regional brands can start to establish their own channels. As mentioned above, regional brands often have little experience in channel construction. In addition, the industry is in an enclosure stage and the brand competition is fierce. Are all investment, how can regional brands tap their own advantages, to attract the majority of potential franchisees? Channel strategy is spread across the country or a regional breakthrough, is a point or a vertical or horizontal? This requires companies to calm down, carefully analyze their own The strengths and weaknesses of the analysis, analysis of their own resources and limitations, analysis of what kind of franchisee we need, develop the correct channel development strategy, demonstrate the advantages of the enterprise, and organize the advantages of the company in the region, form a model, through the exhibition, etc. Methods tell our potential franchisees.