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  • Why is the disposable glove worn?
    Time:2018/5/25 16:52:23  Browse:

     Disposable gloves are deformed in the process of wearing. If they become larger, they must consider whether they have contact with the substances that the gloves cannot tolerate after the quality is eliminated.

    For example, all kinds of oil pollution. Nitrile gloves are more tolerant than latex and PVC gloves and will not be swelled by corrosion.

    In the food processing industry (or their own kitchen), nitriles are more popular because they are well tolerated by animal and vegetable fats. Of course, the food processing industry prefers nitrile, and there are other reasons.

    Why is the disposable glove worn?

    In the automotive industry, nitrile gloves are recommended. They not only resist oil corrosion, but also tolerate a wide range of chemicals. This is not the property of latex and PVC gloves.

    Why is the disposable glove worn?

    If there is no contact with corrosive substances, the reason for the larger gloves may also be because the gloves are worn for a long time, and the grease on the hands corrodes the gloves.

    In addition, the gloves will also age, and once the shelf life expires, the gloves may become larger.